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  • Screw Cap Microtubes
  • Screw Cap Microtubes
  • Screw Cap Microtubes
  • Screw Cap Microtubes
Screw Cap Microtubes
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    81-0053 81-0054 81-0153 81-0154 81-0203 81-0204 81-0000
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0.5ml 1.5ml 2.0ml external thread non-sterile cryovials

● Made of medical grade polypropylene

● Can be repeatedly frozen and thawed

● Universal screw threads for use

● Tubes fit most common rotors

● Tubes fit standard 1-inch and 2-inch freezer boxes

● Autoclavable to 121°C and freezable to -86°C

● 81-0055 0.5ml self-standing vials are brown, and can fit 81-0006 brown caps

Ordering Information
81-0053Tubes0.5mlConicalNo500 Tubes/Pack,10 Packs/Case
81-0054Tubes0.5mlSelf-StandingNo500 Tubes/Pack,10 Packs/Case
81-0055Tubes0.5mlSelf-StandingNo500 Tubes/Pack,10 Packs/Case

100 Tubes/Bag, 5 Bags/Pack,

10 Packs/Case

81-0153Tubes1.5mlConicalNo500 Tubes/Pack,10 Packs/Case
81-0154Tubes1.5mlSelf-StandingNo500 Tubes/Pack,10 Packs/Case
81-0203Tubes2.0mlConicalNo500 Tubes/Pack,10 Packs/Case
81-0204Tubes2.0mlSelf-StandingNo500 Tubes/Pack,10 Packs/Case
81-0000Caps--No500 /Pack,10 Packs/Case
81-0001Caps--No500 /Pack,10 Packs/Case
81-0002Caps--No500 /Pack,10 Packs/Case
81-0003Caps--No500 /Pack,10 Packs/Case
81-0004Caps--No500 /Pack,10 Packs/Case
81-0005Caps--No500 /Pack,10 Packs/Case
81-0006Caps--No500 /Pack,10 Packs/Case

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