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CryoKING 2ml&5ml 2D Barcoded Cryogenic Vials Come!
UPTATED:2018/02/07 Author:

Biologix has been constantly contributing to life science. In order to facilitate the development of precision medicine, Biologix offers CryoKING biobanking solutions for researchers. Biologix has been constantly increasing the input on scientific R & D, and strengthening self-independent innovation.


In order to meet new storage requirements, Biologix has launched CryoKING 2ml&5ml 2D barcoded cryogenic vials to optimize sample biobanking storage, including 2ml internal and external thread vials and 5ml external thread vials. They are designed based on Biologix “Multi coding” identification technique which is one of Biologix’s independent intellectual property rights. CryoKING 2ml&5ml 2D barcoded cryogenic vials have enriched CryoKING information-based and safe biobanking storage system of high throughput


Multi Coded

-Laser etched Datamatrix 2D barcodes are clear and corrosion-resistant

-1D barcodes and human readable numbers on sides, can be read by various scanners


High Throughput   Convenience

-Can be stored in cryogenic boxes which can be read by scanners, and a whole box of vials can be scanned at once

-Three types of codes enable perfect compatibility with different scanners


Durable   Convenient Marking

-Made of optimal polypropylene, Autoclavable, ideal for sample storage in vapor phase liquid nitrogen

-6 colored caps enable convenient identification, and can be assembled


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