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CryoKING Facilitates Research of ANU to Combat Diseases and Conditions
UPTATED:2017/06/23 Author:

The Australian National University (ANU) is a national research university and prides itself on its international reputation for health and medical sciences research and education. The researchers are tackling complex diseases such as cancer, infection and immunity, diabetes, obesity, vision loss, neurological diseases and other conditions. They combine expertise in basic discovery, clinical medicine and practice through hospital and health provider partnerships, and translation into policy to improve the health outcomes for all people. Thus, high-quality samples are crucial for its research. Information-based CryoKING 2D storage system optimizes sample utilization, upgrades its biobank, and facilitates research process to combat diseases and conditions.


CryoKING 2D Combo is the up-to-date storage system of Biologix independent intelligent property. It includes 2D cryogenic vials and a cryogenic box which can be scanned. CryoKING 2D storage system combines laser etched DATAMATRIX 2D barcodes, 1D barcodes and digital codes on sides to avoid paper labels missing and contamination in conditions of high humidity and low temperature. Pre-set 2D barcodes can reduce the time of sample preparation, and risks in storage. CryoKING 2D Combo can be totally read immediately by the laptop scanner and the storage information can be input at one time. No tedious manual labeling for researchers, and the input efficiency is promoted significantly. CryoKING offers safe, advanced and efficient storage service for researchers.


ANU, ranked 1st in Australia. is a research-intensive university, and various and numerous research samples are needed to be stored. Thus, the comprehensive, safe and efficient storage system is demanded to optimize sample utilization. CryoKING offers complete biobanking solutions based on integrated biobanking design, product supply and comprehensive training. CryoKING products feature standardization, informationization and modularization, and has been at the top of the industry. CryoKING 2D Combo store samples to upgrade the information management, and assists Australian National University to combat diseases and conditions. 

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