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CryoKING Upgrades the Biobanking Information Management of Henan Provincial People's Hospital
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Henan Provincial People's Hospital is the top leading hospital in Henan Province and devoted itself to human health. The Hospital has been strengthening its comprehensive laboratory management and introducing medical talents to improve the all around level of medical treatment, teaching, research, management, and services.  


Precision Medicine has become a new national strategy for many countries. Biobanks, as the basis of Precision Medicine, are unrivaled in biospecimen collection, storage, and distribution. Therefore, large-scale medical and research institutes have begun to build their own biobanks to advance the overall medical and research levels. In order to manage enormous biospeciemens, biobanking information management system which is designed to integrate research data originating from many sources becomes very urgent. The biobanking information management system functional requirements are supported by a number of components framed as sequential

processes: extraction, deidentification, consolidation, abstraction, and query of information related to patient basic information, follow-up information, pathological information, diagnosis and treatment information and biospecimens. Biobanking information management system is an advanced management platform which enables security and efficiency in disease diagnosis, research, control, treatment, and prevention. Based on the system, researchers can streamline their workflow in scientific and medical research, and guarantee their research results. In order to improve the overall medical services and disease researching abilities, Henan Provincial People's Hospital uses CryoKING Crown biobanking management software to upgrade its biobanking management of disease samples.


Biologix takes “Contribute to Life Science” as the principle, and be committed to offering complete biobanking solutions and laboratory supplies. During the development of the past 20 years, Biologix has rich experience in biobaking field. Presently, Biologix has gained significant popularity in biobanking solutions and relevant tools and has become a leader in biobanking design, supplies, and training.

Biobanking information management software plays important roles in biobanking standard and information-based construction. It is safe and efficient in sample collection, storage, distribution, and sharing store, distribute, track and share, and has become crucial in biobanking management. CryoKING Crown Biobanking Management Software, based on Cloud service, is designed for life science researchers to management samples effectively. It can track and manage samples and data with security and stability.


CryoKING Crown biobanking management software has gained great recognition from hospitals, research-based universities, medical and scientific institutes, including Henan Provincial People's Hospital. CryoKING Crown has become crucial in translational medicine, medical care, biological pharmacy, and biological research and testing. CryoKING Crown features security, informatization, and modularization by integrating sample information and sketching diagrams, and fits various scanning devices to read labels on sample storage tools and manage sample data. CryoKING information-based cryogenic vials with multi codes can be read by kinds of scanning devices, and the data can be input by CryoKING Crown immediately. Therefore, workers and researcher can utilize biospecimens safely and efficiently. 

CryoKING Crown displays sample storage directly by the graphic management and manages together with the storage information and clinical research data and others, batch import and export data to promote management efficiency. CryoKING sets different roles, including buttons, textboxes, lists and so on, according to different situations to enhance data security and sample information privacy.


 High-quality biospecimens are significant for biobanking construction and management, and the biobanking information management can maximize the value of biospecimens. CryoKING Crown biobanking management system manages disease samples for Henan Provincial People's Hospital, and improves technical services in biobanking automation, modularization, and informatization. CryoKING Crown streamlines biobanking workflows of medical workers, and become crucial in major disease research and medical services. Biologix constantly updates the complete biobanking services to address biobanking requirements for researchers. Biologix will strengthen the cooperation with Henan Provincial People's Hospital and other international research institutes to promote the fast development of Precision Medicine and contribute to human health.

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